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The Controller

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I'm not dead [02 Jan 2011|05:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Back in 2003, this memegen told me I would die on 11th December 2010.
Well, I'm happy to say that this date has now passed and I am still alive.
That is all.

The Controller

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Innocent Eyes/イノセント・アイズ [11 Oct 2006|07:46pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Flawed ]

Delta Goodrem's new album Innocent Eyes/イノセント・アイズ is out in Japan today!
Buy it now (if you live in Japan) and make her number one.

Innocent Eyes記録づくし、オーストラリア史上最大の歌姫、デルタ・グッドレム。
いよいよ本日10月11日、日本デビュー・アルバム『Innocent Eyes/イノセント・アイズ』発売!!

★これまで発表した2枚のアルバム『Innocent Eyes』('93)『Mistaken Identity』('94)より

そして本日よりアルバム収録曲「Born To Try」の着うたフル(R)の配信もスタート!

Track Listing
1. Born To Try
2. Lost Without You
3. A Little Too Late
4. Last Night On Earth
5. Flawed
6. Almost Here (Duet with Brian McFadden)
7. Extraordinary Day
8. Innocent Eyes
9. Not Me, Not I
10. Never Fades Away
11. Predictable
12. My Big Mistake
13. Be Strong
14. Out Of The Blue

Translation, anyone?
Briefly, in English, Delta is releasing an album in Japan, which includes songs from both of her albums, Innocent Eyes and Mistaken Identity.
It also includes the new song, Flawed on it, which features in an upcoming Japanese film, called Adiantum Blue.
You can watch the music video of Flawed here.
It will explain the rabbit.

The Controller
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Together We Are One (Again) [09 Apr 2006|09:09pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One ]

Delta's latest single Together We Are One got to number 2 on the ARIA chart this week.
I think that was very good.
Especially considering the rush of releasing the single and all.
But there is still a good chance that it can get number one next week.
It does happen very often in Australia.
And she does have seven number one singles already.

The Controller
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I'm not condoning graffiti, but... [07 Apr 2006|10:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One ]

Giuliano saw this the other day:

And, no, it wasn't me who did it.

The Controller
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Together We Are One [01 Apr 2006|04:19pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One ]

Delta Goodrem's new single Together We Are One is out in Australia today!
Buy it now (if you live in Australia) and make her number one.

Together We Are OneDue to the overwhelming response of Delta Goodrem's performance at the 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, the stunning song 'Together We Are One' is now available as a commercial single. The track was penned by Delta, Brian McFadden and Guy Chambers as a tribute to the athletes and those who worked tirelessly to stage the games.

Delta's breathtaking performance was watched by over 4 million viewers in Australia, and was one of the highlights of the opening ceremony. It was an incredible moment for Australia's favourite songstress, who was thrilled to have been asked to take part in the event.

"I was so honoured to be asked to write a song for the Games and to take part in the event itself was such an amazing experience. When I sat down to write the song I was just hoping it was something that people would enjoy," Delta said. "It's my favourite kind of song to write and it's a song for the athletes and all of us to come together and reach for our dreams and goals. I am just thrilled that people have embraced it."

The 'Together We Are One' single also comes with two tracks recorded live in Sydney on Delta's Visualise tour, 'Fragile' and 'Last Night On Earth'.

Track Listing
1. Together We Are One (Radio Mix)
2. Fragile (Live At Sydney Superdome 'The Visualise Tour' 2005)
3. Last Night On Earth (Live At Sydney Superdome 'The Visualise Tour' 2005)

Here we are
Sharing our lives
We made it through
The good and bad times
And still we stand
With hope in our hearts
No matter what
We will play our part

And now we've come so far
One chance to touch a star
Go higher and higher

Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime's preparation
It's no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we're shining like the sun
See what we've all become
Together we are one

Deep inside your heart and soul
You work so high
To reach your goal
With every step
With every breath
You gave it all
Till there is nothing left

Seek out the strength to win
No thoughts of giving in
Go higher and higher

Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime's preparation
It's no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we're shining like the sun
See what we've all become
Together we are one

We are one
We are one

Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime's preparation
It's no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we're shining like the sun
See what we've all become
Together we are one

(Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made)
Together we are one
(With a lifetime's preparation
It's no time to be afraid)
(Put our differences behind us)
Put our differences behind us
(While we're shining like the sun)
See what we've all become
Together we are one

You can watch the music video here.
Give Delta her eighth Australian number one!

The Controller
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2006 Commonwealth Games [18 Mar 2006|05:24pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One ]

On Wednesday, Delta Goodrem sang her amazing new song, Together We Are One at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.
It was truly fantastic, and great to see Delta on TV once again!
Delta was the finale of the show, and she appeared right after the Queen declared the Games open.
During her performance, there were rollerbladers, who skated around Delta with fireworks coming out from their backs - it was a spectacular sight.
You could hardly see Delta through all the thick smoke, but she looked amazing.
The song was written by Delta, Brian McFadden and Guy Chambers.
It can be found on the official CD of the opening ceremony, which is available to buy in shops in Australia.

You can watch Delta's performance here.
If you're too lazy for that, there are plenty of pictures from the event at The Photo Album.

And Delta's song really gave me inspiration, as I scored a basket in basketball yesterday!

The Controller
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[11 Nov 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened ]

All right, I know I said I'd stop posting on my journal, but this has to be said.
I am so insulted that she blatantly implied that I wasn't good enough to be a pregnant teen.
It doesn't matter that I didn't really want to, but the way that she couldn't even consider me really annoyed me.
She couldn't possibly have me ruin her wonderful play (which she couldn't even be bothered to write).
Maybe it was after that humiliating speech I did, where James made me read out the entire long article.
In that, she just cut me off mid-speech.
And now she's just not having any more of it, is she?
"No, Daniel will do it".

On an unrelated subject, apparently a cook deep-fried his hands...

The Controller
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Happy Birthday [04 Oct 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - A Year Ago Today ]

Today, I've had my LiveJournal for two years.
This is my 240th entry and may be my last.
My time with my LiveJournal has been on the whole good.
Anyway, it's time for me to close this chapter of my life and begin a new one.
Thank you all for reading my LiveJournal for these two years and I hope you can manage without it.
I have now decided to discontinue my writing on my LiveJournal.
But I may still make posts if something VERY important happens.
And also for the odd bit of advertising.
But for now, it's goodbye.

The Controller
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[01 Oct 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened ]

I'm really quite cross.
OK, so 37/40 isn't that bad, but I'm really annoyed at the biased marking.
And the favouritism - I can't stand it any longer.
That's all I have to say on the matter.

And there was something else that really annoyed me on Friday.
I'm not going to mention names, but I'm sure you know who - DG (and that's not Delta)
"I have perfect pitch."
Oh, no.

The Controller
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Hating Alison Ashley [05 Sep 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Born To Try ]

Delta Goodrem's new film Hating Alison Ashley is out on DVD today!
The book Hating Alison Ashley was released last Thursday 25th August 2005.
Buy it now!

The screen adaptation of Robin Klein’s classic best-seller Hating Alison Ashley is a comic and poignant portrayal of the dilemmas of being a teenager. In it schoolgirl rivalries, first kisses and embarrassing families all combine misunderstanding, awkwardness and insecurity to eventually map the road to true friendship.

Meet 14 year old Erica Yurken (Saskia Burmeister), commonly know as ‘Yuk’ or ‘Erk’, she’s a melodramatic teenager with a love of Romeo and Juliet. Yuk is entirely convinced that she’s a cut above the other students at Barringa East, must have been secretly adopted and is destined for greater things. In order to deal with her very ordinary life she daydreams about being a famous movie star, great heroine and almost anything else that takes her away from the hum drum world of Barringa East.

But reality always bites back in the chaotic house and very unconventional family in which Yuk lives.

Her younger sister Jedda (Abigail Gudgeon) believes she’s a horse, her brother Harley (Anthony Cleave) tries to get in touch with extraterrestrial beings and her boy-obsessed sister Valjoy (Rachael Carpani) takes great pleasure in tormenting Yuk whenever possible.

And to top it all off, her adoring mum Liz Yurken (Tracey Mann) has just let her heart of gold, truck-driving, gap-toothed boyfriend Lennie (Richard Carter) move in.

Yuk feels like a misfit and a loner, at home and at school. That’s until 9C teacher Miss Belmont (Jean Kittson) arrives at Barringa East High. Miss Belmont is a woman after her own heart who whips the unruly 9C into shape and who Yuk believes can see her true potential. At last Yuk feels she is shining. That is until...

….the arrival of Miss Perfect, Alison Ashley (Delta Goodrem) ruins all her plans. Alison is beautiful and rich and to top it all off, she’s smart.  

After a failed attempt ingratiating herself to the new girl (what sort of person doesn’t like the sick bay??) Yuk decides they must be rivals and she hates her, but somehow this is harder than it seems and the two girls seem inexplicably drawn together through their hidden similarities.

But everything comes to a head on drama night of the annual school camp.  

Yuk sees the drama night as an opportunity to begin her glittering career on the stage and she plans to write, direct and star in the leading role. However, a terrible case of stage fright during rehearsals puts an end to Yuk’s acting career.

In steps Alison Ashley, who performs the role brilliantly.

But Yuk soon sees that all is not as perfect as it seems for Alison Ashley. Her mother ignores her and won’t come to the school play and despite her self assured ways she’s desperately lonely.

In a rousing finale Yuk realises that Alison is the friend she has always longed for and her family are the best thing in her life, and who knows? There may even be a romance waiting in the wings...

Hating Alison Ashley stars Saskia Burmeister, Delta Goodrem, Jean Kittson, Richard Carter,Tracey Mann,  and Craig McLachlan.

Special Features
Music Video - Green Eyed World
Behind The Scenes
Interviews With The Stars
Photo Gallery & Trailers
Audio Commentary
On The Red Carpet At The Australian Film Premiere

The Controller
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The Controller on Channel 4 Website [18 Aug 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Born To Try ]

On Wednesday, I took part in a webchat with Makosi from Big Brother.
Why? Because I wanted to.
Anyway, I submitted a whole bunch of questions and stuff, but only one thing I said got accepted.
I'll give you the story...
Makosi was about half an hour late to the webchat, so when she finally arrived, I said "woo!"
And, as you can see, that got accepted.
But nothing else.
Oh, well - it's better than nothing I suppose.
You can see it here: http://www.channel4.com/community/showcards/B/Big_Brother_6_-_Makosi.html
I'm the first one that appears! (after the Chat Ed)
It's Kinga's turn tonight, so we'll see if anything I say gets accepted...

The Controller
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Jonathan On Neighbours [06 Aug 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - This Is Not Me ]

Remember when Tony was on North Shore?
Well, now Jonathan has gone off onto Neighbours.
Here he is:

Here's another:

Who's next?

The Controller
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Hold on... [02 Aug 2005|07:13pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Be Strong ]

Hello everyone.
I'm back from my trip in France and I know you're all dying to find out what happened.
Tony's let slip a little bit on his LiveJournal, but the full entry is coming soon.
Just wait...

The Controller
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Tony On North Shore [21 Jul 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - This Is Not Me ]

As you know, Delta Goodrem made a guest appearance on American TV series North Shore.
Well, look who I found in the audience when Delta was performing:


It's Tony!
He didn't go to China, he went to Hawaii.
If it isn't him, then he's got a long lost twin to find.

The Controller
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This is true! [13 Jul 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Born To Try ]

Look at this:

You are Nina Tucker!
Congratulations! You are Nina Tucker. You're very shy, sweet, and kind of reserved, but in a good way. Your modest behaviour means that you have a lot of friends (except Tahnee) and that people really like you.

Take the Which Neighbour Are You? Quiz, hosted by Neighbours: The Perfect Blend.

I actually answered the questions truthfully.
'Cos you all know that I am shy.
Have a go yourself.

The Controller
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Nobody Listened [03 Jul 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened ]

I have had enough of you people not listening to a word I say.
Did you not completely comprehend the true story of the deaf boy?
I don't care if you don't care, but I care, so there.
Is it too much to ask to just respect the fact that I do not want to be deaf.
Don't take that risk.
I just cannot stand it when nobody listens to me.
What's worse is that I don't usually say much, so I would have hoped that when I do have something to say, people would listen.
It's a lose-lose situation.

Anyway, I saw Ignatius finally.
He really does look like Trevor!
I still haven't heard him speak, but I'll get there one day.
I don't know why he called Trevor a midget, as he's not that tall himself.

And, lastly, here is a nice word puzzle for you:

I'll give you the answer next week, probably.

The Controller
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Evil Doctor [19 Jun 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - A Little Too Late ]

Well, I've got another person on my evil list.
This so-called "doctor", who will remain nameless is a horrible, evil woman.
She just falsely accuses me of stealing and thinks I would lie about it.
How dare her.
She can't just pick on me like that.
It is a sin to falsely accuse someone.
And she just does it with no evidence whatsoever.
It's also Tony's fault a bit.
But I won't go into that.

On a completely unrelated topic, I found an orange hair on Tony's head on Friday.
Now it was Jonathan, not me, who insinuated Miss G.
No, that's not Miss Goodrem, although they are both Australian.
And it seems that Tony has also gotten a new LiveJournal.
Is there any point?
Apparently, it's for all his depressing posts.
I won't bother to find it or read it.
His first posts were much more fun.
Anyway, that time has passed us all.

I also need to find out who this Ignatius (don't know if I spelled it right) is.
He seems like an interesting character.
He said of his brother, Trevor, something like:
Words cannot describe his slow, lethargic manner
I just can't imagine what he's like...

The Controller
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Lemon Party [12 Jun 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - A Little Too Late ]

I can't believe James Garrett kept lying to me about Lemon Party.
He keeps going on about how it's a Delta Goodrem fansite.
I'm not stupid, and I'm insulted that he thinks that I would believe him.
He kept trying to hold back showing me his "evidence" with stupid excuses.
Forgot, technical difficulties, and rubbish like that.
And then he finally thought of something.
This is his pathetic attempt at showing me what Lemon Party is:

First of all, that is the official Delta Goodrem website.
He could at least have used something less known, or even made something up himself.
And anyone can just change the address in the address bar.
And to think it took him that long to do...
On the subject of Delta, her character Nina Tucker was mentioned in Neighbours on Thursday!
It popped up in a conversation, when a new character, Janae Timmins, saw a picture of Jack Scully.
It went something like this:
Janae: (picking up the picture) Jeez, who's this?
Janelle: Lynnie's other son, Jack.
Janae: Does he live here, too?
Lyn: Oh, well, no. He's in Los Angeles now...with his girlfriend.
Stingray: Who is really hot, and a movie star, and sis, you have no chance.
Janae: A movie star? Which one?
Lyn: Her name's Nina Tucker.
Janae: Never heard of her.

But she has to know who Delta Goodrem is because, well, who doesn't?
If anyone who hasn't been following Neighbours recently, Janae has arrived with her sister, Bree, to join the rest of the Timmins family in Ramsay Street.
They are Janae and Bree's brothers Scott/"Stingray" and Dylan, and their mum Janelle.
They have moved in with Lyn Scully and her baby son Oscar.
Get it?

Moving on, this week has been terrible.
Am I really supposed to know who found Jesus's empty tomb on Easter Sunday.
Apparently it was Mary Magdalene.
Anyway, I shouldn't know, I wasn't there.
It was nearly 2000 years ago.

And one more thing.
Last week, I saw not one, but two abnormally tall old women.
Firstly, old women are not supposed to be tall.
And secondly, tall people are not supposed to be old.
When I say tall, I mean Jonathan height.
While that may not be really tall, I've never seen old women as tall as that before.
They're supposed to shrink.
It makes you wonder what giants they must have been when they were younger.
But it is quite a coincidence that I saw two remarkably tall old women on the same day at the same place at the same time.
And no, they were not together.

The Controller
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Delta Playing The Drums [05 Jun 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - A Little Too Late ]

Do you remember on Monday 31st January 2005 when Delta & Brian were on "Today With Des & Mel"?
Well, Delta played the drums and now I have uploaded the clip!
Here it is: click here.
If that doesn't work, click here, and you should find it.
It's quite good, don't you think?

The Controller
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Stop Lying To Me [29 May 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Delta Goodrem - Nobody Listened ]

I've had enough of your lies about everything.
Particularly, Lemon Party.
What is it?
I haven't been there, but I'm finding it very hard to believe you.
So stop lying to me.
And why do you all want me to go to Jonathan's "party"?
What is so special about it?
Why do you all keep going on about it?
Can't you get it into your heads that I'm not interested?
Well, that's all I have to say this week.

The Controller
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